Natural American Spirit Cigarettes Flavors, Types, and Review


Natural American Spirit Cigarettes

Natural American Spirit (often referred to as American Spirits) is an American brand of cigarette and fine tobacco products, manufactured in the United States by the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company. The company was founded in 1982 by Bill Drake, author of “The Cultivators Handbook of Natural Tobacco”, Robert Marion and Eb Wicks, a plumbing contractor who took out a loan to finance the startup.


Commercial Advertisement of Natural American Spirit Cigarettes

Natural American Spirit offers various types of select filter cigarettes which are color coded to denote the nicotine and tar content. But the nicotine and tar contents which are released are altered by using different filters and cigarette paper.  American Spirit also has a Perique Blend Filter cigarette, which contains 10% Perique tobacco, and a Organic Filter cigarette, which contains organic tobacco.

Flavors Natural American Spirit Offers

1) Natural American Spirit Blue Pack

Natural American Spirit Cigarettes Blue Pack

Tar (K)16.0 mg
Nicotine (N)1.79 mg
Carbon Monoxide 10 mg