Best And Easy Ways To Quit Smoking


Benefits of quitting smoking

If you try nothing is impossible so is to quit smoking habit. Though you are a chain smoker or a normal smoker quitting smoking might be difficult at the first attempt but if you learn about the process and be prepared for quitting, it becomes easier. With the right plan and decision you can break the addiction, maintain your cravings and live the healthier life.

You might have the habit of smoking just after you wake up with the tea or coffee or before the work, or at the end of the day before sleep. We all know the fact that “Smoking Kills” but still people ignore it. There are lots of effects of smoking. Smoking makes you dull and and a slow minded. Smoking over a long term can be dangerous too that can bring heart diseases, stroke, cancer and other diseases that certainly leads to death. Many people start smoking in their teens and are addicted by the time they are adults. Here you can read about  best and easy ways to quit smoking.

What Are The Reasons People Smoke ?

Top Reason Why Do People Smoke

Parental Influence : Most of the smokers who started smoking at their very young age might have got influenced from their parents, siblings, and grandparents. The risk that a person start smoking is often higher if one or both parents smoke.

Peer Pressure : It is one of the biggest reason of smoking. Most of the young teenagers often gets in smoking through their peers. One might get into the pressure of the smoker friend and start smoking and get into smoking habit.

Smoking for weight loss: Some people might get into smoking thinking of losing his/her weight. People who are very worried about their weight and figure mostly try smoking to reduce their weight.

Smoking Environment : In which type of environment one is living also plays a vital role in smoking. The one who live and grows up with the people who smokes regularly also might lead to smoking habit.

Stress Relief : Some of the people might have started smoking thinking to be stress free. They might think that smoking can reduce their tensions and stress so, this is one of the reasons people get into the smoking habit.

Love problems : Young people often gets into this habit when they get breakups or tensions. To be free from stress people might start smoking.

Advertisement : Advertisement also plays a great role in people getting into this habit. We can see many advertisement of Cigarettes in televisions, internet, display boards, posters, so people might want to try out these things which gets them into the habit.

There are many others reasons people smoke such as Media Influences, Misinformation, Showoff, Desire to experiment new things, Personal or Financial Problems and so on.


What Are The Effects Of Smoking ?

Some Of The Side Effects Of Smoking That Affects Your Health

  1. Smoking decreases the sense of smell and taste. Smokers can’t experience the taste of many foods. Smokers are likely to have more oral health problems than non smokers.
  2. Smoking causes hearing loss. Smoking reduces the oxygen supply to the cochlea, in our ear that might lead to hearing loss.
  3. Nicotine from the cigarette blocks the production of chemical necessary for you to see at night, thus smoking leads to night blindness.
  4. One of the cause of premature aging of face is smoking. Smoking causes you skin to be dry and also makes the skill dull and rough.
  5. Smoking increases the blood pressure and put stress to your heart. Moreover lack of oxygen makes the heart work even harder, that increases the risk of heart diseases.
  6. Smoking increases the amount of cholesterol and unhealthy fats circulating in the bloods, leading to unhealthy fatty deposits.
  7. Smoking harms the lungs and often leads to lung cancer.
  8. Smokers get more colds and respiratory infections than non-smokers. That’s why smokers are likely to have more infections.
  9. Smoking damages the DNA present in our body that can create cancer tumor.
  10. Smokers are likely to have bigger belly but less muscles than non smokers. Smoking might also lead to diabetes which is a very serious disease.
  11. Smoking might also lead to infertility or genetic defects in your children.
  12. Wounds takes longer to heal. Slow wound healing increases the risk of getting infections.
  13. Smoking makes you dizzy and lazy to do any physical training that affects your health.



If you are a smoker, you may or may not be acutely aware of these and other factors that may be factoring in to why you can’t kick the habit.If you are trying to quit, consider the methods below and look for substitutes and changes that you can make to take cigarettes out of the equation. Here are some of the best and easy ways to quit smoking.

Getting rid of smoking all of sudden might be impossible, it might take time. But when you are prepared to quit smoking it becomes easier slowly and finally you get rid of smoking habit. Systematically decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke. There are lot of ways to quit smoking and few of the best and easy ways to quit smoking are :

  1. Set a quit plan or a quit day that you are quitting smoking from this day or by this day and go through it.
  2. Stay Busy as much as you can.  Go for a walk, Play with your dog, Go out with your partner, Play games, Do Cooking, Washing, Swimming, and many other things and keep yourself busy whenever craving hits you.
  3. Create a smoke free zone around your home and do not let anybody smoke in your home, cars. Hang a “No Smoking” signs around your home.
  4. Keep yourself away from the Smoker friends, siblings, co-workers and relatives. Talk them about your decision to quit smoking and request them not to smoke in front of you.
  5. If you have a habit of smoking after meal or with a tea/coffee then replace that with something such as fruits, desserts, chocolates, gums and others.
  6. Remind yourself why are you quitting smoke including the health benefits, saving money, good appearance and so on.
  7. When ever craving hits pop something into your mouth such as chewing gums, chocolates, mints, carrots, etc.
  8. Keep your mind busy by reading books, novels, stories, playing online games, watching movies, listen musics, solving puzzles etc.
  9. Drink a lot of water and fruit juices.
  10. Do meditations, physical exercises, and get yourself involved in different training and seminars regarding maintaining a healthy life.quit-smokingquit date