Taj Mahal is not the Symbol of Love.


Well, Taj Mahal is considered as the symbol of love. Listed in one of the world’s heritage site which is considered to be the symbol of love. I’m not going against but Taj Mahal is not the Symbol of Love. Taj Mahal stands at the heart of Agra and is interconnected with the world love. Everyone in this world adore about the beauty of the Tajmahal.

Taj mahal as a symbol of love and Shahjahan build it for Mumtaz. Rumor says so, have you ever thought of it ? Most of us don’t know the story behind it. Let’s take a closer look well there are lots of questions and lots of confusions if we go deep.

What is the Story behind Taj Mahal ? Why Symbol of Love ?
 As the history says Mumtaz was Shahjahan’s fourth wife out of seven wifes (Great). After the death of Mumtaz Shahjahan’s fourth wife Shahjahan built Taj Mahal but we are not sure weather it was for love or just for his own sake. Let’s go more deeper.