Top 5 Topics to Talk About With A Girl

  1. Let her do whatever she wants.

Girls feel secured when she considers you someone special. If you want to make her smile. Just let her do things that she loves no scolding, no objections. Even if she handles you recklessly just stand still bear some pain, see her smiling and maybe this will heal yours pain too.

2. Finding out what she likes.

So, first don’t ask her what she likes you can easily guess or ask some of her friends what she loves the most. Don’t hurry guys if you guess wrong and surprise her with something else she never wants to see, it’s gonna create a serious problem do some research go to the store grab some presents, Tad-ah !!

3. Be funny. 

You don’t always have to be funny, but you have to learn how to bring glowing smile on her face. Its obvious you have to cook some silly jokes but hey, hey, hey, some jokes can even hurt her so be gentle. Don’t joke with something that she doesn’t likes.

4. Ask about her Dreams.

Ask about what she dreams about although she won’t ask you about these things until and unless you bring some spices to your topic, its absolutely true that she will start feeling boring if you stop interacting with her everybody gets. However, different persons has their own different style of expressing their love.

5. Her biggest secrets.

Everybody has secrets even i do but sorry, but i am not letting you know. Okay so get to her secrets i am sure she has some deep secrets inside of her, Her biggest secret is one of the topics to talk about with a girl that have the power to make her open up within seconds.