Aladdin in Real Life Flying in Magic Carpet in New York City



The Person from Prank vs pranks which is from popular channel named Jesse Wellens used the custom made magic carpet as skateboard and he dressed like Aladdin. He use the New York City street the spot for flying a magic carpet.


He was popular and dress like Aladdin to fly an Magic Carpet and Aladdin was the popular and best Disney Character who stand on a Red Carpet and fly around the place.


By looking in the New York City Street lots of people take out their phone and captured his photo. Everyone was looking him and capturing photo and impress with Aladdin.
The Jesse Wellens is the best in Youtube which is popular as prank video. The Aladdin who are playing the pranksters carried the remote control skateboard which was brought by Aladdin “Jesse Wellens” in the New York City Street.


Casey, the Cameraman who was in the nest to the magic carpet to get up close action shots. So, the Youtube Prankster play the prank in New York City Street by flying the Red Carpet as the Magic Carpet of Aladdin.