5 Movies Which Aren’t True but Based on True Stories


There are lots of Movies which are based on true stories but they aren’t true for their life. So, we brought you 5 movies which are based on true stories but aren’t true.

5. Rudy


The Rudy is the fast and loose with truth and it is the uplifting sports movie. In this movie the Rudy play where the players place their jerseys on coach Devine’s desk. This Rudy movie was directed by David Anspaugh and this movie was the first movie which Notre Dame Administration allowed to be shot.

4. American Sniper


This American Sniper movie is the war movie directed by Clint Eastwood and written by Jason Hall. This movie has earned accolades, controversy and box office receipts. Chris Kyle and Navy Seal pointed by Critics with the most conformed kills in US military history.

3. American Hustle


This American Hustle movie was the black comedy crime movie which was released in 2013 and this movie was written by David O. Russell. In this movie the mayor of Camden was not a nice guy which was seen in movie. This movie was interesting movie for lot of people.


2. Rush


This Rush movie was a biographical sports movie which was released in 2013. In this movie the director took the drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda which was the racer of Formula one.



1. Argo


The Ben Affleck was the director of this Argo movie which is based on the Political Thriller and released in 2012. This movie won the three Academy Awards including the Best Picture. This Argo movie is the best movie and this movie give full credit to the American CIA.