10 Fun Games To Play Online For Free


Feeing bored? You can enjoy all of these online games for free. Some of the games use logic and may be taxing on your brain cells. Here we have a list of 10 online games which are fun to play during your spare time.

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Even yours, Vincent


A point and click claymation game about the famous artist’s return from a psych ward. Worth a play through if only to see the claymation.



Black squares are Quests and yellow squares are bosses. Complete Quests to level up (increase your stats by clicking the plus next to them) and get money! Kill bosses to level up and get keys to unlock more quests, bosses or shops. Make sure you read the instructions by clicking ENGLISH on the bottom when you start!

0h n0

Oh no

A sweet little logic game and companion piece to 0h n1.

Grid 16

grid 16

This is a game to be used a while back to test your skills between different states of consciousness… It changes between 16 different games that test your reflexes, timing and prioritizing capability.

Realm of the Mad God

realm of mad god

Realm of the Mad is a MMO where you only have one life, die and lose everything! Team up with dozens of players and battle through the Realm and defeat the Mad God, Oryx.