Cheap And Amazing Date Ideas For Couples


1Cook Together

We know that a way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. So if you’re both like cooking, this is a lovely way to spend an evening together. Test out each others skills in the kitchen and create something delicious together.

2Movie Night

A good old fashioned movie night is the next best thing to going to the cinema or it may even be better. You don’t have to deal with any other people and being alone in the dark is far more romantic than being surrounded by fifty other people.


If you like the outdoors, a picnic may be a good cheap date option for you. You pack both of your favorite foods and find somewhere pretty to eat, chat and simply enjoy your surroundings.


Both free and healthy, this is the perfect way to see some lovely sites together and get those endorphins flowing.

5Go for an Unplanned Drive

For couples who don’t mind going with the flow this is a good one. Just get in the car, drive and see where the road takes you. The best case scenario is that you discover some new awesome places together and make some memories.

6Go to the Beach

Spend the day enjoying the sun, surf and sand with your partner. You can even pack lunch to further cut down on cost.