10 Little Things Happy Couples Do Every Day


Happy couples never have the same character. And they have a good understanding of their differences. It doesn’t take a lot of effort; small gestures are enough to make you two live happily ever after!

1They talk about everything.

Communicating is a form of bonding. Having a real conversation at least once a day is enough to wipe away any form of misunderstanding.

And do not nag or complain, only seeing the faults in them. Appreciate the positives than the negatives.

2They always spend their time together.

It is hard to find spare time for personal entertainment if you are always busy. At least half an hour from your busy schedule and meet up for lunch rendezvous, or go for a grocery date.

3They cuddle.

You can simply lie down with your partner under the blanket and cuddle huddle. Do you know that there has been research that shows how cuddling has a positive effect on your relationship.
Therefore, cuddling is a special response to a healthy relationship.

4They always hug.

This silly sounding thing is actually a powerful medicine to keep you two happy.
Happy couples usually stamp kisses and cling on their partners whenever they feel like and that’s why they are happy.

5They switch off the world.

Most of your time is spent at work, doing miscellaneous works, including eating and sleeping. So whatever leftover time you have, make use of it for each other.
Switch off your phones, and be connected with your partner face to face.

6They exchange cute I “love” you everyday.

Saying “I Love You” all the time may seem boring to you, but that’s not true. They call these “magic words” for a reason. You and your partner know how much you care and love each other and make you realize that someone does love you and how lucky you are.

7They find common interest in them.

Happy couples tend to enjoy each other’s company no matter what they are doing. Sharing some common interests with your partner is a sign of healthy relationship.
Take small steps and you will discover much more about your partners interests and reveal much more.

8They have their own sense of humor.

Cracking jokes every now and then has a positive impact on a relationship.
You can’t imagine your life surrounded by serious people. We need humor. Happy couples know the right time to be humorous and laughing even at the lamest jokes on earth can increase the level of love between the two of you.

9They are not afraid of PDA.

Public Display of Affection includes holding hands or just a random hug while waiting on the something, a little kiss on the cheeks.
It brings enough entertainment to last for the day.

10They always plan their futures together.

Happy couples have a custom of planning everything together, regardless of how trivial the matter is and have a deep and meaningful conversations on future plans for your lives together.
Another type is making everything happen together, whether it is related to the children, you sex life, your career, or your plans for buying a house. Planning makes your bond stronger and enriches your journey together.