Top 10 Highest Earning Band of the World


In the World, there is a different lot of band which earn but we brought the highest earning band of the World. In the World there is high competition for earning, so the Top 10 Highest Earning Band in the World.

10. ABBA


This ABBA band is the Swedish band and released their first album in 1972. The member of ABBA band worked together for 10 years. The ABBA band had sold over 381 million albums and singles worldwide. The total estimated net worth of $300 million earned in album sales by ABBA band.

9. Queen


The Queen is one of the UK bands and band debuted in 1971 as a rock and pop music band. In 1973, the Queen band released their first album. When they have stopped touring the band boasts of selling over 95 million records to date and has earned over $200 million to date in record sales, tour dates and special concerts.

8. The Rolling Stones


Popularly known because of lead singer Mick Jagger, this U.K rock and blues band deserves to be in this list for selling over 66 million albums worldwide. The band is best known for their top selling Hot Rocks compilation album. The band has been active since 1962 .The band has earned in excess of $200 million in tour dates/concerts around the world.

7. Aerosmith


In 1970 the Aerosmith has been active and in this band was known by lead singer Steven Tyler. The band boasts of 66.5 million certified unit sales and translates to over $150 million in earnings when you consider tour dates and concert earnings.

6. AC/DC


In 1973 the AC/DC band was active and this band is only Australian band. In 1970’s and 80’s this band popularity soared by selling the album called Black in Black. The AC/DC have sold 71 million albums and the member of AC/DC Brian Johnson is worth $80 million according to Sunday Times latest rich list.

5. Pink Floyd


The Pink Floyd is another popular band of UK and this band was active between 1965 and 1996 and band managed to sell 74.5 million albums. The Pink Floyd album sales can easily surpass the 100 million mark and band made over $250 million over their three decade career.

4. The Eagles


The Eagles band is the oldest band of US made their debut in 1971 and this band was only active for 9 years after being formed from 1971 to 1980. The Eagles hold a record in certified unit sales 100 million and over $250 million in earnings over the years.

3. Led Zeppelin


This Led Zeppelin was the hard rock and heavy metal band who has over 100 million in certified unit sales. Led Zeppelin has earned over $300 million to date.



2. U2


This U2 band is known because of lead singer Bono and released only 12 studio albums since they made their debut in 1976. Their net worth has soared to $838 million as of April 2012 according to the Sunday Times UK.


1. The Beatles


In Worldwide the Beatles have sold over 600 million albums and only 250 million unit sales are certified. It is estimated that the band made approximately $600 million in the short time the band was active (1960-1970). Ringo and Paul (the only remaining Beatles band members) are multimillionaires with an estimated combined net worth of $1 billion.