Top 5 People Who Stumble Upon a Fortune


1. 1. Oldest Baseball Card


The 72 year old lady from California found a baseball card while searching through her basement that card with the first professional baseball team in the US. The Oldest Baseball Card was fetched $75,285 at auction.



2. 2. Bathroom Cash


A contractor found $182,000 while renovating the bathroom and the money was stashed inside of the bathroom wall. After telling to the homeowners a legal battle ensued and eventually came to include the relatives of the money’s original owner.



3. 3. Gold Coin Jackpot


The Jeff Bidelman found a bag of coins while helping clean out an abandoned house. The Gold coins worth $8,500 at face value but worth over $200,000 as collectables.



4. 4. Movie Poster Print


The Laura Stouffer from Sumerville found a painting and decided to buy it. While she brought the painting she found an extremely rare movie poster for “All Quiet on the Western Front” which was several thousand dollars.


5. 5. Cover-up Painting


To cover his wall the Indiana man bought a nice painting of flower. Later on the painting was sold at auction for 1.2 million.