On The Streets of Arizona the Jack O Lantern Celebrated Halloween




In the Arizona Street the Halloween came early in the City but thankful to wind that rolled through the Southwest. Every people not hurt during this 25 foot tall and 350 pound of the Jack O Lantern loose the Halloween.
The Halloween was a promoting the “Monster Bash” at the local sports complex and this was horrible for the City and can be hurt of Halloween. The Halloween Pumpkin went rolling to the high school and crossed the lanes of traffic. This Halloween was stuck beneath a streetlight pole and thankful to the streetlight pole hold the great pumpkin.


Due to huge Pumpkin, the pole was not strong enough to hold the pumpkin, broke the pole and travel through another quarter of mile. The Pumpkin bounce all over the place and got stuck in a neighborhood park.
Due to this it took 40 minutes to find the huge tall Pumpkin in the Arizona. This is thankful that no one got hurt. Everyone was shocked that huge pumpkin was bouncing all over the street and spent 40 minutes to find that Pumpkin.