Einstein-Inspired Clock That Uses Sand to Show the Passing of Time


This idea for Sand comes from the Albert Einstein quote: “Time and space and gravitation have no separate existence from matter.”

“Sand, inspired by Zen Gardens, is the continuing formation and flattening of a ripple pattern over a phase of twelve hour cycles. Water, on the other hand, tells the temporary time through concentric circles in the form of nonstop waves that flow by the second”

Wondering how this thing tells time?

4As time passes, the clock hand slowly combs sand in a circular pattern and depending on the position of the hand and the pattern in the sand you can tell the time of day.

In the morning, the comb begins to leave a groove and by afternoon, the second revolution of the clock hand wipes the pattern away as seen in the top row above fig above.


It’s not exactly the easiest way to answer somebody’s question about what time it is, but the artistic appeal for the interior of any home is clearly overshadowing in that regard.

This is truly a wonderful work of art.

“Within a spacetime continuum, time is perceived as the fourth dimension. The past the present and the future is a whole.

Ripples of Time allow natural materials to be shaped by time, reminding us of its presence.”

That’s deep.