5 Top Deadliest Airline Disasters Held


The People attraction is the Airplanes accidents with their drama and destruction. The Airplane accident is most dangerous than the car accident, the Airplane accident is terrifying, deadly and many more. We can show you the top 5 Deadliest Airline Disasters Held all among the World.

5. Iran Air Flight 655

Due to the Airplane accident there were no survivors and the accident location was Persian Gulf. The similar accident was shot down over the Persian Gulf during Iran-Iran war.

4. Saudi Flight 163

The Flight 163 was crashed in the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the Fatalities was 301 and there was no survivors when this Airplane was crashed.

3. Turkish Airlines Flight 981

This Airplane was crashed in Ermenonville, near Senlis, France and there was no survivors and with Fatalities was 346.

2. Japan Airlines Flight 123

There was Fatalities 520 with 4 survivors when this Airplane was crashed at the location Ueno, Japan.

1. American Airlines Flight 191

The location of this Airplane crashed in O’Hare Airport, Des Plaines, USA and the Fatalities was 273 including 2 ground fatalities with no survivors.