5 Things you should know about Moon


The Moon is the perfect for looking up in the sky at night. Everyone try to see full Moon in the sky and it will be cool about watching the moon pass through its many phase. The man walked on the moon for the first time which is 45 years ago. There are lots of things that peoples should know about the moon.

5Darker Shadows on the moon


The every people known that when astronauts visit the moon there is the darker shadows on the moon. Due to Dark shadows the researcher causes numerous problems and sometimes the astronauts feel hard to see what they are doing up there.

4Breathing problem due to dust on Moon


There are lots for breathing problem on the moon. Due to this problem the astronauts use their helmet that helped to cover their mouth and noise.

3Playing with gravity on the moon


On the moon there is low gravity problem so sometimes the astronauts play with that low gravity. Sometimes they get lots of problems with that low level of gravity.

2Moonquakes on the Moon


If you are thinking about earthquake is experience in earth only then you are wrong. There will be Moonquakes on the moon and some astronauts told that there was Moonquakes the magnitude of 5.5 on the Richter scale.

1Earth’s twins


The People consider our moon to be the twins due to large size and biggest orbit. Some people feel that the moon is their own planet.