Two Friends One with No Eyesight And Another With No Arms But Together They Have Accomplished Something Incredible


These two men, Jia Haixia and Jia Wenqi are from Yeli, a small village in China.

Wenqi is a double amputee. He lost his arms as a child when he touched a high-voltage electric cable.

Living with disabilities that would have stopped others they’ve defied the odds by doing something incredible.

These two men work every day in a small piece of land they rent from the government.


Haixia and Wenqi walk to work together like this every day, with Haixia holding Wenqi’s coat.

Despite their disabilities, these two friends have a strong friendship.

They have known each other since they were children and describe themselves as brothers.

“I am his hands, he is my eyes,” said Haixia. “We are good partners.”

Together Haixia and Wenqi have accomplished something that most people disabled or not would never be able to accomplish.

Over the last 13 years, Haixia and Wenqi have planted around 10,000 trees working together in trust and friendship.

2Wenki guiding Hiaxia as Hiaxia climbes the tree to cuts its branches.

They say. “When we work together, two become one.”

Their friendship and hard work has benefited the environment and given them independence and a source of income.

There was no work available for Haixia and Wenqi. These two men work together to take care of the land and grow trees. They earn enough to support their families.

Haixia says he doesn’t want to be a burden on his family, so he plant trees and says after ten years the trees will grow and he will get money.”


Wenqi hands Haixia a tool with his foot



Wenqi hasn’t had arms since he was a child. He was trained in forestry and learned how to do things like plough with other parts of his body.

When Haixia lost his sight completely in 2000 says he felt depressed and worried how his family would survive.



Haixia believes fate brought the two men together so they could accomplish this amazing task.

Wenqi and Haixia’s relationship has also their entire village by helping a community find its roots.

When Wenqi and Haixia started planting trees, the land next to the river was completely bare.


Wenqui helps Haixia dig a hole to plant another tree.

Villagers laughed at the Haixia and Wenki and their idea to plant trees together.

But now, their efforts have had a huge environmental impact.

Now, villagers help the two by cleaning their tools and watering the trees.

Birds now rest in the trees Haixia and Wenqi have planted, and their trees will strengthen the river bank and prevent flooding in the village.


Wenqi and Haixia cross the river everyday.


Recently, Haixia learned that he might be able to get some of his vision back through a surgery.


“…it doesn’t matter if my eyesight comes back or not, I’m going to continue my work until my last breath,” hiaxia said.