Things Your Dog Will Do When He’s Trying To Tell You Something


1Tongue Flicking

This is when the “dog’s tongue extends straight out of the mouth and retracts again immediately.” This is a sign of discomfort, maybe with an unfamiliar person or unwanted contact that’s making the dog nervous. If your dog is noticeably submissive, this can also be his way of trying to appease a more dominant presence.

2Constant eye contact

This depends a lot on how the dog is looking at you. But if your dog’s expression is normal and she’s staring into your eyes it means your dog is showing affection towards you.

3Calmly staring at you as you leave the house

Owners might feel guilty leaving a dog staring at you, but this is exactly the response you want. You’ll know a dog is really scared to see you go if leaving prompts her to bark, howl, chew furniture, urinate or defecate. These are all signs of separation anxiety.

4Bringing things to you

If he’s bringing you a toy, you might think that your dog wants to play fetct.. But what your dog may be doing instead is giving you a gift by bringing you things your dog thinks you’ll like because of the dog’s hunting instincts.

5Raising one paw up in the air

If your dog is raising one paw up in the air and focusing with her head down, you might want to get out of her way. It means she’s on the hunt and getting ready to ambush on some prey, usually a bird.

6Hunching over and making himself look small

If the dog acting like this means that the dog is scared. If you meet a dog who does this without any evident source of fear, there’s a chance he’s been abused.

7Chewing on furniture

This depends on the dog’s training and whether he has shown signs of separation anxiety. Or the dog must be bored. Try giving him more exercise.

8Sitting on your feet

There are a lot of reasons a dog could be doing this. If your dog shows a lot of dominant behavior, she could be trying to claim herself. If your dog has separation anxiety, it’s a common way of trying to comfort herself by being close to you. If your dog has a jealous streak, this could be a possessive move to show other people or animals that you’re “theirs”.



Dogs don’t just yawn when they’re tired. Yawning can also be a sign of stress or fear. If your dog is yawning a lot around someone new, that’s a sign that she’s not quite ready to meet that person.

10Leaning on you

This is your dog’s way of cuddling with you. Dogs tell you they want your affection and attention when they lean on you. It can also help them feel safer.