This Fruit is the mix of cucumber and zucchini and it is colorful African fruit tastes. The taste of this Kiwano is disappointing.



2Buddha’s Hand

This Fruit is one of the most bizarre fruit known to humanity and like octopus shaped. This Buddha’s Hand was grows in China and North India and this fruit become Buddha’s Hand due to Buddha Garden very popular name in North India. This fruits is pretty tasteless.




This Ackee fruit was served mostly in restaurants and in Jamaica this fruit was discover. In the Jamaica this Ackee is the national fruit and they always give warning while eating this fruit because the red part of this fruit has poisonous.



There are some who claim this fruit as the tastiest fruit in the world. Unfortunately, Thailand’s national fruit did not get a green card and the Hawaii also started growing Mangosteen.





This Pitaya fruit is like a dragon shape and this fruit found only in Vietnam which help to improve your eyesight and treat stomach problems. This Pitaya fruit is really delicious.