Know How Much These Top 10 Wrestler Earn


10. Mark Henry ($877,000/year)

Before he came to the WWE, Mark Henry was a champion power lifter. He was contacted by the WWE and was propositioned to be their next imposing “big man.” In 1996, Henry made his debut on “Monday Night Raw” where he body-slammed Jerry “The King” Lawler, and received a decade long contract from Vince McMahon.

Henry has won three “Slammy” Awards, a European Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship, and the ECW Championship when it was still owned by the WWE.

9. Dolph Ziggler ($900,000/year)

Nick Nemeth is better known by his ring name of “Dolph ZIggler”

Ziggler was signed by the WWE in 2004 to and he made his debut on the main roster as a member of the “Spirit Squad.”

Over the course of his career that lasted for more than a decade, Ziggler won two World Heavyweight Championships, four Intercontinental Championships, a United States Championship, and a tag team title (he was filled to the brim with team spirit).

8. Kane ($905,000/year)

Glenn Jacobs is truly one of the elders of the WWE. He debuted with the company in 1995 and afterwards they turned him into Kane, the demon brother of “The Undertaker,” an incredibly popular star.

Kane has played his role as a giant demon for nearly 20 years now, mainly serving as a bad guy.

These days, Kane plays the on-screen character of an executive who no longer wears a mask, but still regularly tosses his weight around because he can.

Kane has won multiple championships with the WWE, but only the largest one (The WWE Championship) once.

7. The Big Show ($1.2 million/year)

The Big Show debuted with the WCW in 1995, playing the role of Andre the Giant’s before finally being signed by the WWE in early 1999

The Big Show has won both the WCW Championship, as well as the WWE Championship, And in addition to the $1.2 million that he receives as a salary each year.

6. Sheamus ($1.3 million/year)

Originally born as Stephen Farrelly in Ireland, this red-headed sensation became “Sheamus” and joined the WWE.

Sheamus finally got his opportunity to be on the main roster in 2009, when he defeated John Cena for the WWE Championship.

It’s been said that Sheamus is close friends with Triple H, which is how he managed to achieve his main event status and high paychecks. Sheamus not only receives $1.3 million each year.

5. Randy Orton ($1.6 million/year)

Orton made his debut with the WWE all the way back in 2002, when he got into a “hardcore feud” with “Hardcore Holly.” In terms of Orton’s achievements, he has had an incredibly decorated career, having won the World Heavyweight Championship four times, and the WWE Championship eight times!

Orton might have even more titles to his name if it weren’t for his suspensions as a result abusing banned substances, and violating the Wellness Policy.

4. Brock Lesnar ($2 million/year)

Lesnar was a college wrestling champion that was almost immediately signed by the WWE, and shot straight into the main events. Lesnar has won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship four times, and even managed to win the Heavyweight Championship while he was in the UFC.

3. The Undertaker ($2.25 million/year)

The Undertaker is the longest tenured wrestler that is currently with the WWE.

The Undertaker’s real name is Mark Calaway, and he has been one of the most popular wrestlers of all-time ever since he first debuted. he is someone that everyone in the company will listen to when he gives advice, because even people who don’t follow the sport know his name.

2. John Cena ($2.75 million/year)

Ever since 2005, Cena has practically been the face of the WWE, winning all sorts of high stakes matches left and right.

Cena has won nearly two dozen titles during his time as a professional wrestler, and is one of the most polarizing wrestlers to ever emerge.

John Cena is far and away the highest paid full-time wrestler today.

Cena frequently makes public appearances for the WWE, and is consistently the highest selling wrestler in terms of merchandise.

1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ($3.5 million/year)

Johnson played college football at the University of Miami before suffering a severe injury, and ended up going into his dad’s line of work. Johnson debuted in WWE as “Rocky Maivia,” but really came into his own as “The Rock,” a trash talking, charismatic, and electrifying personality, who always seems to be cooking something up.

Johnson doesn’t come cheap these days thanks to the fact that he is one of the highest grossing stars in all of Hollywood, so every appearance for Dwayne gets him a small fortune.

The WWE knows that Johnson’s appearance on a program will instantly sell out, so they pony up the cash without issue to ensure their seats are filled at premium events. Johnson also gets a seven percent bonus for merchandise sales, and only has to appear at the largest events like Wrestlemania.