Best Places to Wildlife Migration



In Every year, there are lots of animals who migrates the places for survive and for giving birth. The best times to witness this wildlife spectacle, where to stay, and when to see it in Kenya and Tanzania.
1.5 Million, Each Years the wildebeest and animals migrate their place for survive and they usually gather first and go for long trek for survive. They go in search of food and water and their journey runs in a clockwise circle and the animals cover a distance of around 1800 miles. It’s a tough journey, and every year an estimated 250,000 wildebeest don’t make it.

ZebraThe December through March is the calving season and the wildebeest calves born in just three weeks period usually the beginning of February. It’s also quite spectacular to see almost half a million little wildebeest being born and running alongside their mothers.


The herbs begin to migrate west and north by April to May to the grassier plains and woodland of the Serengeti’s western Corridor. This is the most amazing time for watching the animal travels. Every, Animals migrate when the thunder appear but the elephants also migrate every year in search of food and water.