5North Korea

This North Korea is the one of the worst country of the World. The North Korean Kim dynasty is a chain of brutal, tyrannical, belligerent, barbaric, idiotic, imbecilic fools who clearly care nothing for they are people and only about themselves, money, sex and nuclear missiles.


The Somalia is the worst country and due to the lost of the government 4 million have died. In 2007 the wreckage of a Russian cargo plane shot down and still lies crumpled at the end of the runway.


In the Afghanistan the people mostly died from the cancer and in Afghanistan LRA are not soldiers they are murderers.


In the Iraq, ISIS is not very hospitable to non-extremists and not good to go in that country. So, due to that this Iraq is also one of the worst.

1 Syria


The people of Syria, people were chemically bombed and it is the middle of war wouldn’t want to live in this Country Syria.